We are a team of doctors who want to use our talents to provide support to patients in developing countries


The goal of ONE WORLD MEDICAL RELIEF, INC, is to provide surgical, anesthetic, and educational support to developing countries. Our focus has been to provide surgical and anesthesia support to Selian Lutheran Hospital and Arusha Lutheran Medical Centers in conjunction with supporting rehabilitative efforts of The Plaster House in Arusha Tanzania. With continued growth, other projects in developing countries may be reviewed for inclusion in the program.

Our mission is to continue to provide first world services in the developing country of Tanzania with the emphasis being to improve the lives of patients with cleft lip and palate deformities, burn scar contractures, and head and neck deformities due to trauma, birth defects, and tumors. Our primary purpose is to not only correct treatable deformities and disabilities such as cleft lip and palate and burn scar contractures to allow the patients to re-integrate into society, but to teach local providers how to service their own people. To this end we are working to raise funds to support these efforts. Any funds will be utilized to support these efforts. This includes providing equipment, supplies, and educational materials. We will and have been functioning with the local physicians, surgeons, rehabilitation specialists and nursing specialists to provide supplies and training to allow for proper care of the patients.

No patient should be denied treatment for a congenital or acquired deformity because they reside in a developing country.


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